Family Needs


When your loved one lives in a long-term care facility, you want to know their healthcare needs are being met in a compassionate, caring, and professional manner. ExcelHealth’s services support your loved ones’ wellbeing by ensuring they have regular access to high-quality medical care. Our teams are incredibly compassionate, caring, and truly have a heart for the geriatric community.

How Does It Work?


Check Availability

Call your loved one’s nursing facility to inquire if they work with us. If they do, they can guide you in getting your resident enrolled. If they do not, we would love for you to tell them about our services and direct them here to our website.


Enroll Your Resident

By enrolling in our program, your loved one will have access to a licensed dentist on a quarterly basis at minimum, with telehealth services available for urgent needs. However, the goal of our providers is to pre-emptively address residents’ concerns before their needs become urgent. For Medicaid-approved residents who choose to enroll in the Plateau Senior Comprehensive Dental Plan, there is NO ADDITIONAL out-of-pocket cost for the family or resident.


Stay Informed

We understand that families want to be involved in their loved ones’ care, and we want you to remain informed about the health of your resident. ExcelHealth makes resident care information available to families and welcomes you to reach out to us with any questions.

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