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ExcelHealth’s solutions address several of the major barriers that long-term care facilities face in getting reliable, high-quality healthcare to their residents. Along with advantages in price and ease of use for all community medical providers, telemedicine is now positioned to impact some of the most pressing healthcare problems we face - an aging population on the rise, a continued increase in healthcare cost, and decreased access to physicians and other community medical providers.

Utilizing ExcelHealth’s mobile medical units can enable caregivers to manage care more closely while also allowing patients and families to take a more active role. Through our technology, institutions will reduce the cost of transportation, reduce hospitalization, and keep patients connected with the care they need.


ExcelHealth understands the challenges nursing homes face when it comes to medical provider access. We have developed one of the most comprehensive and experienced networks of specialty medical providers for the long-term care marketplace. Our providers have the knowledge, experience, compassion and care to treat these patients safely and effectively. We have taken the time to qualify each member to ensure only the finest of healthcare providers are available to the facility and their residents. Our provider network is built around long-term care medicine and the complex issues facing our aging population today.

ExcelHealth will communicate between these providers and the nursing home, allowing the nursing home clinical staff just one contact for all of their needs. With all of the outsourced health care specialists working together under one network, there is a much more effective model of treatment planning between the residents, facility staff, families and medical providers.


We are committed to bringing facilities and quality providers together in a real time fashion to minimize the health risks and cost burdens placed on facilities and the residents therein, meanwhile establishing lasting, excellent partnering abilities and relationships with servicing hospitals.

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